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Registered Dietitian - Certified Diabetes Educator

Apply Job ID 12504776 Date posted 07/09/2019

The RD/CDE will provide nutrition and diabetes management services with the goal of improving health outcomes, quality indicators and patient experience for SMG's patients. S/he will collaborate with primary care physicians, endocrinologists, RN Care Managers and other interdisciplinary team members to identify at-risk patients, provide evidence-based nutrition and disease-specific educational interventions, coordinate care with other team members, and prevent avoidable utilization and adverse outcomes.

Essential Job Functions :

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of nutritional approaches to common disease states such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity and heart failure.
  • Responsible for managing the assessment and the learning needs of patients with nutritional issues and/or diabetes. Recognizes and integrates patients' special needs and individualizes care as appropriate.
  • Provide comprehensive nutritional care to outpatients in a professional, courteous, effective and prompt manner. Promptly address patient phone calls and questions.
  • Collaborate appropriately with physicians, RN Care Managers and other members of the interdisciplinary team; and refer appropriately to meet patient needs.
  • Accommodate urgent problem visits and consults as needed. Handles emergent teaching needs such as new insulin starts, meter teaching, insulin pump malfunctions/review.
  • Display competency in nutrition and diabetes education and all aspects of documentation, coding and billing relevant to scope of service.
  • Proficient with use of EHR including visit documentation and signing of notes in a timely manner. Employs timely use of EMR and patient portal to enhance communication with patients and colleagues.
  • Document patient assessment / reassessment and care plans; and conducts interventions according to policy and evidence-based guidelines.
  • Provides diabetes counseling and education to patients and families including blood glucose monitoring; medication administration; nutrition plans; and foot, eye, and dental care.
  • Collaborates with Population Health/Care Management team for timely patient follow-up with PCP and / or specialist and entry into complex case management as appropriate.
  • Identifies those patients with Social Service needs, and makes appropriate social work referrals.
  • Recognizes behavioral health needs, and facilitates timely referrals.
  • Identify, update and utilize educational resources to achieve optimum health care outcomes.
  • Communicate and document change in patient's condition to all appropriate individuals.
  • Document patients' medication use, adherence, and concerns; and monitor effects of new medication regimens. Recognize complex medication regimens, poly-pharmacy, and high risk medications and facilitate timely referral to Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist.
  • Educate/train/triage patients on insulin pumps and advantages/challenges of use, as needed.
  • Respond effectively in an emergency situation so that the patient's immediate needs are addressed.
  • Provide follow-up services to patients who have received diabetes education through the program, e.g. review of glucose logs, answering questions about glucose meter, CGM or insulin pumps, coordination of care with other team member.
  • Communicate and provide care and treatment plan consistent with age, cultural, spiritual and developmental needs of the patient.
  • Assures appropriate and timely data collection for tracking and analysis of outcomes for process improvement purposes.
  • As requested, facilitate and lead support groups to assist patients with behavior as well as personal lifestyle modifications.
  • Assess the patient's and/or family's ability to understand and comply with nutritional education and instruction and modifies interventions appropriately.

  • If employed in the Oncology Department, additional job functions may include:
    • Prioritize, develop and implement a screening program to identify patients at-risk for malnutrition or nutrition/feeding related adverse effects of treatment.
    • Remv

      Based on assessment findings, create an individualized nutrition care plan.
  • Provide guidance, identifying common nutritional problems the patient may encounter during the course of his/her disease and treatment, and collaborate with oncologist to manage side effects of medications.
  • Ongoing monitoring of patient's progress and provide follow-up nutrition care, as needed.
  • Address side-effect management, and complementary and alternative medicine options

General Job functions:

  • Other job duties as required
  • Maintains knowledge of current advances in field of diabetes and completes at least 75 CE credits every 5 years. RDs are required to complete 75 credits every 5 years to maintain registration
  • Fulfill annual CME requirements.
  • Maintain NJ State License.
  • Maintain professional memberships.
  • Uses current technology to perform job duties. Remains up to date on all new diabetes-related equipment such as glucometers and insulin pumps.
  • Works collaboratively and effectively with all SMG departments and services.
  • Participates in community as nutrition and diabetes advocate and educator.
  • Serves as a resource and consultant for physicians and nursing staff for special nutrition and diabetes needs.
  • Promotes team atmosphere among colleagues and staff. Works effectively with staff.
  • Performs as a preceptor when and if necessary for new hires into the department.
  • Acts as a patient advocate and upholds patient's rights. Refers ethical concerns to appropriate resources.
  • Must be able to travel between patient care locations.

Physical Job Requirements:

  • Physical mobility, which includes movement from place to place on the job, taking distance and speed into account.
  • Physical agility, which includes ability to maneuver body while in place.
  • Endurance (e.g. continuous typing, prolonged standing/bending, walking).
  • Balance is maintained during climbing, bending and/or reaching.
  • Dexterity of hands and fingers.

Environmental Risks

  • Chemicals, Chemotherapy and Fumes
  • Magnetic fields
  • Radiation
  • Sharps
  • Latex
  • Combative Patients / Visitors

Blood-borne Pathogens:

  • Exposure to infectious hazards, blood, body fluids, non-intact skin or tissue specimens.
  • Contact with patients or patient specimens are possible.

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