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Registered Nurse - OR/GI

Apply Job ID 12169073 Date posted 06/10/2019
1.       Provides total, comprehensive care to patients by applying the nursing process in an organized and systematic manner according to institutional policy in keeping with patient safety principles.·         Completes initial assessment according to policy.·         Interprets and utilizes clinical data in the plan of care.·         Assesses patient for potential risk factors and intervenes to mitigate risk and prevent harm.·         Recognizes and integrates patient special needs and individualizes care.·         Adheres to infection control standards specific to patient care.·         Assumes accountability for managing the delivery of patient care. Promotes safety in all activities.·         Acts as a patient advocate and uphold patient rights.·         Anticipates changes in the patient's clinical data and adjusts plan of care.2.       Collaborates with the patient, significant others and ancillary departments to become a multidisciplinary health care team whose goal is to provide care that is continuous and well coordinated.·         Prioritizes and organizes work assignment and adjusts priorities based on changing situations.·         Promotes and maintains a safe, clean and orderly environment.·         Plans delivery of care according to patient acuity and staff competencies.·         Attends required amount of monthly staff meetings. 3.       Communicates proactively to the health care team plan of care changes in patient condition, the patient progress, the discharge plan and other relevant information.·         Initiates appropriate nursing measures·         Documents assessment / reassessment, plan, interventions and outcomes.·         Documents post-op, post procedure transfer and discharge assessment.·         Communicates and documents change in patient's condition to all appropriate individuals.·         Documents medication use and controlled substance. 4.       Demonstrates the ability and competency to respond quickly and efficiently in emergency situations.·         Demonstrates knowledge of surgical emergency preparedness: Malignant hyperthermia, Cardiac arrest, Latex allergy·         Maintains BCLS and code blue competency per policy.·         Recognizes changes in patient condition and responds appropriately.·         Reprioritizes and delegates other responsibilities during emergency situations.·         Functions calmly and efficiently.·         Facilitates transition of care to PACU. ·         Proficient in the use of emergency equipment.·         Checks code cart and emergency equipment according to policy.·         Documents emergency intervention according to policy. 5.       Competently manages the care of the surgical patient.·         Follows policy for surgical site verification.·         Adheres to universal precautions.·         Maintains BLS.·         Creates and maintains a sterile field.·         Handles specimens according to policy.·         Maintains competency in the role of the circulating nurse.·         Maintains competency in the role of scrub nurse.·         Maintains proficiency with unit specific equipment, trouble shoots and reports malfunctions promptly.·         Utilizes down time constructively.·         Completes all department specific competencies. 6.       Provides equipment and supplies based on patient needs·         Anticipates the required supplies and equipment based on surgeon's preference cards and patient's needs.·         Ensures all equipment has been checked by Bio-Med and is functioning safely, i.e. no frayed cords, no alarms·         Operates all equipment according to manufacturer's instructions.·         Removes malfunctioning equipment from the Operating Room and informs the equipment specialist.·         Communicates availability of supplies to ensure that they are reordered as necessary.·         Ensures the emergency equipment is available and functioning at all times. 7.       Demonstrates knowledge of nursing responsibilities regarding anesthesia administration.·         Able to describe ASA classification code for the surgical patient.·         Identifies agents and routes used in administration of anesthesia.·         Identifies risks of all phases of anesthesia and verbalizes nursing actions in response to any complications. 8.       Implements nursing action in transferring the patient according to prescribed plan.·         Identifies patient prior to transporting according to policy.·         Determines appropriate method of transport to the Operating Room and transfer of patient from stretcher to the Operating Room table.·         Re-evaluates transfer methods post-operatively.·         Communicates post-operatively with receiving unit to ensure safe continuity of care.·         Utilizes all safety devices according to policy. 9.       Creates and maintains a sterile field:·         Demonstrates knowledge of aseptic technique and corrective action if needed.·         Inspects sterile items for contamination prior to opening and maintains sterility when handing items onto field. 10.   Performs counts:·         Performs surgical counts according to hospital policy and procedure.·         Verbalizes course of action required when counts are incorrect. 11.   Dispenses drugs and solutions according to policy:·         Identifies with scrub nurse the drug/solution and expiration date prior to dispensing.·         Follows labeling policy.

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